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Bats and Lizards

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Lulu and Bubba's Bat / Lizard gallery is being revised, with some new tilings and more explanatory material. Some of the explanatory materials may seem unnecessary, but we are trying to interest a manufacturer in producing the ten shapes so that you all can actually get your hands on bunches of these little critters, create your own tilings, make your own puzzles, and play the Bat / Lizard games. So we'll need these materials for a while.

At the right you see the ten bat and lizard shapes and their respective names. The names, except "Lulu" and "Bubba", have easy mnemonic links to their colors, to the other shape based on the same rhombus, and to one of the symbolizations of the "rules for good tessellations" Under the names are the degree designations of the rhombi upon which the shapes are based.






To the right you see, in five stages, a radially symmetrical pattern being created. An infinite number of such patterns can be made, and even with a few hundred or maybe a thousand pieces the possibilities really seem endless. These radial patterns are perhaps the most fun of the several different pattern types, since they are always surprising, always beautiful, and can always be varied in interesting ways, perhaps even by departing from radial symmetry as is illustrated in this tiling.



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