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Haiku by JALO

Nicolet Forest, Wisconsin

On his way to bed,
Down among tall grass,
The sun has scattered clothing.


High in the pines
A red squirrel makes his way across the sky.
 A panic moon!


As the trees lose color,
Up and down the river
 Crazy coyotes call each other.


 Cascading from their shelter,
 Bats first fall, then rise-----
Then they too seek the river.


 ( Rainy Spring night, 40 west.)

 Striped Morning Sphinx.
 (Celerio lineata)

In my lights
A hawk moth lingers,
Its tongue tip in-- pinkness.
 Oh! Not a flower! A run-over frog!


 ( Moonlight & Calm. 1)

Myriad upright spindles of mist!
(An army of ghosts of dwarves?)
So slowly they march! ---

 -------- (Do I dream?)


 (Moonlight & Calm. 2)

Across a sea of mist all
 Moonlit in the crystal air:
 Antlered deer heads sail serene.


 ( Pinewaters, 1950 (1))

Storm gone.--
Green dawn.--
Wet rain just falling.----
 All the works of man,-


 ( Pinewaters, 1950 (2))

Here is hereafter
Finer than any told:


 ( A Wisconsin road 1963)

 The long dead crow
 Still lifts one wing!
 ----In wry salute to each passing car!


 The Loon (1969)

Red of eye.
And mad of cry.
This harlequin's a diver--
 As am I.


 North Pacific, (1953)

Day after day of snow,
Dropping on the black, black sea!
 --- Will there be drifts?-- below?


 Advice for naturalists:

Two eyes,--
All creatures sense and fear!
 So close one eye
 If you'd come near.

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